Cardiff Seaside Market
Cardiff, CA
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Cardiff Seaside Market is a local Specialty Market which overlooks the Ocean and welcomes it’s clientele from adjacent coastal neighborhoods. The owners requested that the interior presentation be enhanced to compliment the exceptional food and wine offerings of this market.

The QED luminaire was used to selectively showcase three selected areas within the market in conjunction with the interiors package. By replacing non-descript industrial fixtures with this engaging light source and adjusting the placement, the ceiling plane becomes sculptural and energized. While functionally providing both fill and up-lighting, the mix of metal finishes, cable, frosted glass and the selected royal blue panel strongly relate to the nautical materials of the coast while spatially enhancing the ceiling plane.

The project was designed by Alin Maxon of Maxon Design, a San Diego architectural design firm specializing in project re-imaging with retail and hospitality emphasis. Susan Putman of O’Connor Sales acted as liaison between Beta Calco and the onsite team.

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