Ingersoll Rand Gallery

Davidson, NC
  • <p>Ingersoll Rand Gallery</p>
  • <p>Ingersoll Rand Gallery</p>

Studio Fusion

Beta-Calco Agency:
EGI Associates, Inc

Clear Sky Images

Fixture Used: 

  • Bubble 1000
  • 27 x 6 W LED, 3000K

EGI Associates, in conjunction with Studio Fusion, designed the lighting for the lobby of Ingersoll Rand.  They wanted a fixture that was both contemporary and eye catching; the BUBBLE was the perfect choice.

The suspension of BUBBLE fixtures at different levels throughout the lobby provided necessary light levels while offering a unique, aesthetic look.  The fixtures are visible from the exterior of the building, drawing visitors into the space.

Dom Pomposo, Director of Global Real Estate for Ingersoll Rand, along with the rest of the team involved said that they were very pleased with the outcome and the overall effect achieved.