Rail-Lite II™


General Specification

Product Overview:

  • Providing the ultimate solution in adjustability, efficacy, glare control and aesthetics for retail environments.
  • Intelligently designed for fast manufacturing.
  • Unique sliding system allows LEDs to be positioned closer to objects, maximizing lumens on the target merchandise.
  • LED heads slide easily up to 12” from their center, without the need for any tools.
  • An innovative gimbal mechanism allows users to effortlessly angle heads by hand from 0° to 25° perpendicular to the length, and to rotate up to 45° along the fixture length, all with no locking or unlocking and without tools.
  • With RAIL-LITE II™s flexibility, lighting designers can either boost Foot Candle/Lux levels on target merchandise, or alternatively, maintain general FC/Lux levels with lower energy consumption, by reducing the number of LED fixtures..
  • Available in Suspended, Surface Mounted or Recessed (with or without Trim) versions with a variety of accessories and options for light control.
  • Recessed version can be used in retrofit or new construction
  • Choices of beam angles from 21° to 64°, Colour Temperatures and CRI’s.
  • Delivers up to 112 LPW and 3133 lumens per head.
  • Multiple dimming options, trim and gimbal finishes

Housing: Steel and aluminum.

Sliding: Individual heads can slide a maximum of 305mm/12" left or right of its centre point.

Bezel trim/trimless: Extruded aluminum. For installation into ceilings with a thickness range of 12mm/0.5" to 51mm/2".

LED heat sink: Extruded aluminum.

LEDs: High power, LEDs can be replaced from below.

Aperture:  133.35mm/5.25"

Reflectors: Highly reflective, specular finish.

Drivers: Constant Current driver for 120-277V (EU-240V). 

Electrical: Integral junction box for branch circuit through wiring.

L70 @25oC (77oF): > 60,000 hrs.

Approvals: Damp Location (Indoor use only).



Photometric testing performed using LM79 procedures.
For all other reflectors types please consult photometric files.
Due to constant change in LEDs, please check our website for current product specifications.
Links: http://www.bridgelux.com/products/v-series#specifications

Rail-Lite II™ | Patent Pending (United States, Canada and European Patent Convention)

See Approvals
Recessed Recessed

Specify Luminaire

All heads are spaced equally, for custom spacing consult factory.  Individual heads can slide a maximum of 305mm/12" left or right of its centre point.

Code Length (L) # of Heads
300mm/12" 1
450mm/18" 1
600mm/24" 1
600mm/24" 2
914mm/36" 2
914mm/36" 3
1219mm/48" 2
1219mm/48" 3
1219mm/48" 4
1500mm/60" 2
1500mm/60" 3
1500mm/60" 4
1500mm/60" 5
1800mm/72" 2
1800mm/72" 3
1800mm/72" 4
1800mm/72" 5
1800mm/72" 6
2134mm/84" 2
2134mm/84" 3
2134mm/84" 4
2134mm/84" 5
2134mm/84" 6
2134mm/84" 7

Specify LEDs

Code Manufacturer CCT CRI Wattage Delivered lms LPW
Bridgelux 2700K 80 28W 2914 104
Bridgelux 3000K 80 28W 3028 108
Bridgelux 3500K 80 28W 3125 112
Bridgelux 4000K 80 28W 3133 112
Bridgelux 2700K 90 28W 2431 87
Bridgelux 3000K 90 28W 2527 90
Bridgelux 3500K 90 28W 2605 93
Bridgelux 4000K 90 28W 2692 96

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