General Specification

Body and trim: Steel and aluminum.

Finish: Powder coated for standard finishes (black, metallic silver & white).  For wood grain finishes canopy will be white.

Suspension: Stainless steel cables. Recommended minimum mounting heights: 305mm/12" for White LEDs and 610mm/24" for Colored LEDs (Only for Direct/Indirect). 

Power cable: Silver braided.

Diffusers: Opal polycarbonate direct/Clear polycarbonate indirect, supplied in sections.

Drivers: Integral, HPF electronic drivers for 120-277V (EU-240V), 0-10V, 1% dimming standard.

Mechanical: Luminaires mount directly over J box (by others - North America only).

Integral Emergency system: Emergency option provides a 1.5 hour (3 hours for EU) emergency lighting facility. The self contained system includes the inverter module, NiCad batteries, LED charge indicator and test switch (NA only). Integral emergency EU luminaires have a 270mm/10.5" DIA x 48mm/2" height canopy with LED charge indicator. Not available with a 347V supply.

L70 @25oC (77oF): > 50,000 hrs.

Delivered Lumens: Delivered lumens & LPW based on 3000K (min 80 CRI) for White LEDs only.

Approvals: Damp Location (Indoor use only).

See Approvals
Suspended Direct Suspended Direct Suspended Direct/Indirect Suspended Direct/Indirect

specify luminaire

Code: Diameter (A): Light Direction: Power (LED): Direct lms: Indirect lms: LPW:
610mm/24" Direct 65W 6038 93
914mm/36" Direct 101W 9438 93
1219mm/48" Direct 138W 12644 92
1524mm/60" Direct 180W 16704 93
1829mm/72" Direct 216W 19962 92
2133mm/84" Direct 260W 24127 93
2438mm/96" Direct 281W 25408 90
2743mm/108" Direct 325W 29769 92
3657mm/144" Direct 432W 39293 91
5486mm/216" Direct 692W 62501 90
610mm/24" Direct/Indirect 87W 6038 2492 99
914mm/36" Direct/Indirect 144W 9438 5024 100
1219mm/48" Direct/Indirect 180W 12644 5032 98
1524mm/60" Direct/Indirect 252W 16622 8599 100
1829mm/72" Direct/Indirect 302W 19959 8448 99
2133mm/84" Direct/Indirect 375W 24331 13306 100
2438mm/96" Direct/Indirect 368W 25055 14166 99
2743mm/108' Direct/Indirect 454W 29769 15301 99
3657mm/144" Direct/Indirect 605W 38814 19951 97
5486mm/216" Direct/Indirect 995W 62438 35661 99

Specify CCT/Color (Direct)

Specify CCT/Color (Indirect)

Specify Suspension

Specify Finish

Note:  The canopy will be white for fixtures with the wood grain finishes Z1 or Z2

Specify Lumen & Wattage Reduction

Note: Custom Reduction Percentages Available Upon Request.

Specify Dimming Options

DS and SD options not available in North America

Specify Options

Code 95 0160 (5486mm/216" dia, direct/Indirect MUST be ordered with the SS (Separate Switching) option and will be complete with 2 power cords and 1 canopy.

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