Chicago, IL
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Project: kCura
Lighting Designer:
Sales Agency: www.amirep.com

About the Project: Emily O’Brien from Archibald & Meek worked with Gwen Grossman Lighting Design on this project, using Beta-Calco’s Ring fixtures. The grouping of three different size Ring fixtures, 36”, 60” and 84” diameters, creates a central focus to the round seating group, and provides ample light for the space and write-board. The project received an IESNA Illumination Award of Merit.

About the Specifier: Established in 2010 and a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Gwen Grossman Lighting Design (GGLD) is a lighting design firm comprised of over 20+ years of experience in the lighting industry.

About the Sales Agency: Serving the Chicagoland, Northwestern and Central IL, and Northwestern IN markets, Archibald & Meek is a premier manufacturers' sales agent for high performance lighting and controls products in the commercial, residential, municipal and industrial markets. A&M’s lighting expertise, reputation for customer service and selection of lighting and control products set them apart in the industry. Beta-Calco has been proudly associated with Archibald & Meek for the past 4 years.

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