General Specification

Body and trim: Low copper, die-cast aluminum highly resistant to oxidation.

Diffuser: 8mm/0.3" tempered glass.

Bezel: Stainless steel.

Gasket: Silicone.

Finish: Double powder coating polyester high resistant to UV and oxidation.

Reflectors: High purity aluminum.

External screws: A4 stainless steel treated with highly antioxidant water-repellent lubricating solution to ensure easy opening.

Cable entry: M20 cable gland for DIA 6-12mm/0.24-0.47" cables.

Drivers: HPF, electronic 120/277V.

Walk over: Static pressure load 500Kg/1100lbs.

Rough-in housing: Thermoplastic.

Mechanical: For in-ground or wall installation in poured concrete or brick.

*Delivered lms based on 3000K (min 80 CRI).
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Ext-Inground Medium

Specify Luminaire

Code Power (LED) Distibution Delivered lms Length (A)
9W Medium 24 990 15"
18W Medium 24 1980 25"
27W Medium 24 2957 37"
36W Medium 24 3959 48.5"

Specify CCT

3000K (min 80 CRI)
4000K (min 80 CRI)

Specify Options

Specify Rough-In Housing (Required)

Rough-In Housing
Rough-In Housing for 15" Luminaires
Rough-In Housing for 25" Luminaires
Rough-In Housing for 37" Luminaires
Rough-In Housing for 48.5" Luminaires

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