This product has been discontinued
Wrap PS™
General Specification

Cover: Stainless steel.

Main body: Steel and cast aluminium. Body retained by stainless steel screws.

Finish: Various as listed.

Diffuser: Opal acrylic.

Drivers: HPF, electronic, 120/277V (EU-240V), 0-10V, 10% dimming standard.

Minimum Starting Temperature: -25°C.

Remote Emergency: Emergency option provides a 1.5 hour (3 hours for EU) emergency lighting facility. The remote system includes the inverter module, NiCad batteries and a remote wall/ceiling LED charge indicator and test switch (NA only) Maximum distance between wall/ceiling plate and luminaire is 4.5m/15’. Test switch fits a single gang box (not supplied).

Delivered Lumens: Delivered lumens & LPW based on 3000K (min 80 CRI).

Mounting & Optics
Ext-Wall Front/Back
31 2163
31 2211
31 2213
31 2215
31 2217
How to order
Specify Luminaire
Code Power (LED) Delivered lms LPW Height (A) Width (B)
31 2163 16W 504 32 17" (432mm) 11" (279mm)
31 2211 16W 1074 70 26" (660mm) 12" (305mm)
31 2213 28W 1872 69 26" (660mm) 12" (305mm)
31 2215 28W 1782 65 50" (1270mm) 12" (305mm)
31 2217 56W 3508 64 50" (1270mm) 12" (305mm)
Specify CCT
30 3000K (min 80 CRI)
35 3500K (min 80 CRI)
40 4000K (min 80 CRI)
Specify Finish
BL Black
MB Metallic Bronze
MS Silver Metallic
SS Stainless Steel
OT Other painted finish (RAL number required)
F40 Other Non-RAL painted finish (sample chip required)
Additional Information

OT & BL1 have a one time set-up charge regardless of quantity.

Specify Options
RE Remote Emergency System (max distance 25ft, 120/277V)
Additional Information

Dimming is not available when using RE (Remote Emergency)

Example Code
Dimensional Diagrams