Jacob Antoni

Driven by an unwavering passion for creating functional yet captivating products, Jacob Antoni has made a significant impact in the design industry. Although his journey began in architecture, where he garnered valuable experience working in prestigious offices for over a decade, Jacob's desire to have a more hands-on role in the design process propelled him to transition into industrial design.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jacob has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary ability to uncover the latent potential in products, pushing boundaries and reimagining conventional concepts. His creative process revolves around exploring the functional and structural possibilities of each project, constantly seeking to enhance them and infuse elegance and innovation. One of Jacob's most notable accomplishments is his groundbreaking work on Starburst, an extraordinary chandelier design that revolutionized the concept of traditional chandeliers.

With this remarkable project, Jacob sought to redefine the chandelier as a modern, expandable form, seamlessly integrating striking geometries with transformative functionalities. By introducing continuously adjustable geometries and incorporating structural elements, Jacob introduced an unprecedented level of versatility and dynamism to the traditional chandelier, ultimately creating a truly transformative lighting experience. As Jacob continues to push the boundaries of design, he remains dedicated to creating products that not only enhance functionality but also inspire and captivate the imagination.