Mirko Rotondi

Meet Mirko Rotondi, an award-winning Creative Product Designer celebrated for his remarkable ability to transform ideas into visually striking images and market-ready physical prototypes. Mirko's work has been widely acclaimed and featured in reputable publications such as "Der Spiegel," "GeoKompakt," and "Zoom Magazine." Moreover, his innovative projects have been showcased in various exhibitions across Italy, Finland, and Thailand. Mirko's remarkable achievements include securing the 1st Prize at the International Contest Design "Live like a Womo" in collaboration with Desall and the renowned Italian brand WOMO. He has also been awarded the Corbis Prize at the International Photographic Contest "Eyes on the Planet." His work has garnered attention from various publications, including DESALL.COM, Geokompakt, Der Spiegel, and the Biennale di Alessandria 2011 catalog.

Mirko's exhibitions have taken place in prestigious venues such as SR Contemporary Art in Milan, Palazzo Monferrato, and the Biennale di Alessandria, among others.