Bubble Up™

No shape evokes the feeling of harmony, community, and perfection as the circle. BUBBLE UP is a family of recessed circles ranging from 27” to 59” in diameter, offering a variety of light combinations to enhance a range of design themes from elegant to whimsical. 


Recessed housing

Steel and aluminum suitable for new or existing non insulated construction, drywall or plasterboard ceilings. Luminaires are mounted by cable suspension within the ceiling cavity. Anchoring of cables to load bearing ceiling structure (by others).

Centre disc

For non illuminating center version, drywall disc to be supplied and installed by others. Drywall disc to be painted to match ceiling.


Recessed luminaires available in three diameters: 685mm/27", 1092mm/43" and 1495mm/59".


Single piece opal acrylic, retained by metal rings and white painted screws.


Luminaires supplied with HPF electronic drivers, 120/277V. 0-10V dimming standard for white LEDs.

RGB Drivers/power supplies

Luminaires supplied with electronic drivers/DMX interfaces, 120/277V.


Through branch wiring. J box and driver housing easiliy accessible.


White powder coated.

Delivered Lumens

Delivered lumens and LPW based on 3000K (min 80 CRI).

Mounting and Optics

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  • ETL
  • CE
  • Grounding
  • IP 20

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