General Specification

Body and Trim: Steel and aluminum.

Suspension: One stainless steel aircraft cable.

Power Cable: Silver braided.

Finials: Cylindrical buttons (CB), brushed stainless steel.

Finish: Canopy and tube suspension, white powder coated.

Driver: HFP for 120-277V (EU-240V), 0-10V, 10% dimming standard.

Remote Emergency: Emergency option provides a 1.5 hour (3 hours for EU) emergency lighting facility. The remote system includes the inverter module, NiCad batteries and a remote wall/ceiling LED charge indicator and test switch (NA only) Maximum distance between wall/ceiling plate and luminaire is 4.5m/15’. Test switch fits a single gang box (not supplied).

Mechanical: Mounts directly to or over an electrical junction box (by others - North America only).

L70 @25oC (77oF): > 50,000.

Delivered Lumens: Delivered lumens & LPW based on 3000K (min 80 CRI) for White LEDs only.

See Approvals
Suspended 2 sides Suspended 2 sides Suspended 3 sides Suspended 3 sides General Diffuse General Diffuse Downlight Downlight

Specify Luminaire

Code Power (LED) Height (A) Diameter (D) Delivered lms LPW
50W 762mm/30" 152mm/6" 4699 98
50W 762mm/30" 203mm/8" 4889 102
50W 762mm/30" 254mm/10" 5095 106
50W 762mm/30" 305mm/12" 5332 111
100W 1295mm/51" 152mm/6" 9397 98
100W 1321mm/52" 203mm/8" 9778 102
100W 1321mm/52" 254mm/10" 10190 106
100W 1321mm/52" 305mm/12" 10663 111

Specify CCT/Color

Specify Tube Suspension Options

Specify Downlight Options

Specify Downlight Finish (for X1, X2 or X3 option only)

Not applicable to 421000 and 421100.

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