Macro Cross™

General Specification

Body and trim: Steel and aluminum.

Finish: Polyester powder coated.  Canopy finishes as specified except for wood grain finishes where the canopy will be supplied white.

Suspension: Stainless steel cables. Recommended minimum distance from ceiling: 305mm/12" for white LEDs and 610mm/24" for colored LEDs (only for direct/indirect). 

Power cable: Silver braided.

Diffusers: Opal polycarbonate, supplied in sections.

Drivers: Integral, HPF electronic drivers for 120-277V (EU-240V).

PoE: Macro Cross can integrate into your data network via Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity.

Mechanical: Luminaires mount directly over J box (by others - North America only).

Integral emergency system: Emergency option provides a 1.5 hour (3 hours for EU) emergency lighting facility. The self contained system includes the inverter module, NiCad batteries, LED charge indicator and test switch (NA only). Not available with a 347V supply.

L70 @25°C (77°F): > 60,000 hrs.

Delivered lumens: Delivered lumens & LPW based on 4000K (min 80 CRI) for white LEDs only.

Approvals: Damp Location (Indoor use only).

See Approvals
Suspended Direct Suspended Direct/Indirect Direct Direct-indirect PoE

Specify Luminaire

Code Size Wattage Light Direction Delivered lms LPW Suspension Points
30" 57W Direct 5910 104 4
43" 84W Direct 8778 105 4
57" 112W Direct 11693 105 5
71" 142W Direct 14777 105 5
85" 170W Direct 17732 105 5
30" 75W Direct/Indirect 7860 105 4
43" 111W Direct/Indirect 11678 105 4
57" 140W Direct/Indirect 14716 105 5
71" 199W Direct/Indirect 20882 105 5
85" 224W Direct/Indirect 23578 105 5

Specify CCT/Color (Direct)

CCT/Color Direct
3000K (min 80 CRI)
3500K (min 80 CRI)
4000K (min 80 CRI)

Specify CCT/Color (Indirect)

CCT/Color Indirect
Indirect CCT not required
3000K (min 80 CRI)
3500K (min 80 CRI)
4000K (min 80 CRI)

Specify Uplight Diffuser

Uplight diffuser required for direct/indirect fixtures only.

Uplight Diffuser
Uplight diffuser not required
Clear diffuser
Opal diffuser

Specify Dimming

D6 & D7 options not available in North America.

DA45 must be used with EV only.

0-10V Dimming (1.0%)
0-10V Dimming (0.1%)
347V, 0-10V Dimming (1.0%)
DALI Dimming (0.1%)
DALI Dimming (1.0%)
DSI (EU only)
switchDim (EU only)

Specify FInish

Silver Metallic
Wood grain - Light Cherry
Wood grain - Dark Walnut

Specify Lumen Output

Custom reduction percentages available upon request

Lumen Output
100% of standard output
Lumen & Wattage Reduction to approximately 75% of standard output
Lumen & Wattage Reduction to approximately 50% of standard output
Lumen & Wattage Reduction to approximately 25% of standard output

Specify Emergency

Emergency system not required
Emergency System - Integral (direct illumination only, not available with 347V)

Specify Controls

Controls not required
Encelium/Zigbee control

Specify Switching

Single circuit
Separate switching

Optional Low Voltage

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L0 / E0 / C0 / W0
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Macro Cross™

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