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General Specification

Product Overview:

Ooooh Ring refashions the perennial classic ring pendant with an innovative louver design. An assembly of ellipses is incurved within the profile to add a subtle aesthetic and create a sublime lighting effect.

The louver system not only tempers the starkness of the commonly exposed diffuser and adds an enchanting decorative feature, but also offers visual comfort by minimizing glare. 

The injection-molded louvers come in 5 finishes: Black for the highest glare control, White for higher reflectance and performance, and for an interior design enhancement, satinized finishes Satin Chrome, Satin Gold, and Satin Champagne.

Ooooh Ring is also available with an acoustic panel in 6 finishes which adds another decorative dimension while offering sound-absorbing functionality.

The luminaire body is available in 12 finishes which were selected based on their versatility to a variety of color schemes.  Metallic sheens balance out the functional forms with elegance.  The wood finishes ground the space with a feeling of warmth.  In combination with the louver and acoustic panel finishes, a truly tantalizing luminaire can be configured.

Ooooh Ring revolutionizes the minimalist architectural ring into a lighting masterpiece.

Body: Aluminum.

Finish:  Powder coated.

Suspension:  Steel cables.

Power cable: Silver braided.

Diffuser: Opal acrylic.

Drivers: HPF electronic drivers for 120-277V, 347V (EU-240V).

Remote Emergency: Emergency option provides a 1.5 hour (3 hours for EU) emergency lighting facility. The remote system includes the inverter module, NiCad batteries and a remote wall/ceiling LED charge indicator and test switch (NA only) Maximum distance between wall/ceiling plate and luminaire is 15' (4.5m). Test switch fits a single gang box (not supplied).

Mechanical: Luminaires mount directly over J box (by others).

Reported L70 @25°C (77°F): > 102,000 hrs @ 2000 lumens/ft (6000 lumens/m).

Estimated L70 @25°C (77°F): > 178,000 hrs @ 2000 lumens/ft (6000 lumens/m).

Delivered lumens: Delivered lumens & LPW based on 4000K CRI 80+.

Acoustic Panels NRC Rating:  0.80.

Acoustic Panels Class A Fire Rating: ASTM E-84 material.

Acoustic Panels Material: 100% recycled polyester fiber (PET).

Acoustic Panels Thickness: 12mm (0.5").

Approvals: Damp Location (Indoor use only).

Design: US Design Patent Pending.

See Approvals
Suspended Direct Suspended Direct/Indirect Direct Indirect

Specify Luminaire

Code Diameter Light Direction Wattage Direct lms Indirect lms Lms/Ft LPW
2ft Direct 51 5700 900 113
3ft Direct 75 8400 900 112
4ft Direct 101 11100 900 110
5ft Direct 124 13900 900 112
6ft Direct 149 16700 900 112
7ft Direct 168 19100 900 113
2ft Direct/Indirect 102 5700 7500 2100 131
3ft Direct/Indirect 150 8400 11100 2100 131
4ft Direct/Indirect 202 11100 15000 2100 130
5ft Direct/Indirect 248 13900 18500 2100 131
6ft Direct/Indirect 298 16700 22200 2100 131
7ft Direct/Indirect 336 19100 25000 2100 132

Specify Louvers

Satin Chrome
Satin Gold
Satin Champagne

Specify Lumens (Direct)

Lumens Direct
200 lm/ft
300 lm/ft
400 lm/ft
500 lm/ft
700 lm/ft

Specify Lumens (Indirect)

Lumens Indirect
Not required
300 lm/ft
500 lm/ft
700 lm/ft
900 lm/ft

Specify CRI

CRI 80+
CRI 90+

Specify CCT


Specify Upper Diffuser

Upper Diffuser
Not required
Opal diffuser

Specify Voltage

240V ¹
347V ²

Specify Dimming (Remote Only)

Not required
0-10V Dimming 1.0%
0-10V Dimming 0.1% ¹
DALI Dimming 0.1% ¹
DALI Dimming 1.0% ¹
DSI/switchDim ²

Specify Suspension

Vertical, Remote driver
Hub, Remote driver
Hub, Integral driver

Specify Fixture Finish

Fixture Finish
Black Metallic - Textured
Silver Metallic - Textured
Gold Metallic
Wood grain - Light Cherry ¹
Wood grain - Dark Walnut ¹
Midnight Blue Metallic - Textured
Copper Metallic
Charcoal Metallic - Textured
Bronze Metallic - Textured
Champagne Metallic
Red Metallic - Textured

Specify Canopy Finish

Canopy Finish
Black Metallic - Textured
Silver Metallic - Textured
Gold Metallic
Midnight Blue Metallic - Textured
Copper Metallic
Charcoal Metallic - Textured
Bronze Metallic - Textured
Champagne Metallic
Red Metallic - Textured

Specify Acoustic Panel Finish

Acoustic Panel Finish
AP00 Not required

Specify Emergency

Not required
Emergency system - Remote

Specify Circuit

Single circuit
Dual circuit

Specify Controls

Not required

You selected

V1 / AP00 / E0 / CS1 / C0
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Ooooh Ring™

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